De Verdamper Deluxe Large Vaporizer

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These are by far the best evaporators you can have.

De Verdamper vaporizer was developed by Dutchman Evert, who was looking for a purer, cleaner experience. In 1995 his experiments with a hot air paint stripper and a bong gave him the idea of the Verdamper, after he noticed that the effect of this combination was not only purer, but also that it produced an activating, rather than tiring effect. This vaporizer is the result of many adjustments and further developments. The combination of a heating element and robust glass make for the ultimate vaporizer. It vaporizes the active substances in herbs at 200°C (392°F). It is widely regarded as the best vaporizer there is.

De Verdamper is available in two sizes (measured without the heating element): large (45 cm) and small (38 cm).


  • Size: Large 
  • Made of Borosilicate glass
  • Bottle of 2000 ml
  • Borosilicate glass tubes
  • Glass grease
  • Brushes
  • 12 volt heating element
  • Bowl with mesh
  • Transformer 230 - 12 volts on wooden block
  • Instructions for use and certificate


  • De Verdamper Deluxe Large Vaporiser
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