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Super Discreet Flowermate CAP PRO Vaporizer – Black


Introducing the CAP PRO

The CAP PRO features advanced technology and higher overall performance.
The exterior of the CAP PRO is made from a POK and aluminium material which makes the device both durable and lightweight. It stands at only 4.5inches (105mm) tall making it the perfect dimension to fit in the palm of your hands. With its powerful 2000mAh battery, the palm-friendly CAP PRO is able to reach your chosen temperature from 40℃-230℃in a rapid 30 seconds, perfect for quick, consistent, and discreet draws throughout the day where ever go.

 18-20 Sessions Per Charge

 30s Heat-Up Time

 2000mAh Powerful Battery

 OLED Screen with Full Temperature Control

 0.3g Oven Size


Just below the magnetic cap, features a top-loading, 0.3g capacity Glass-glazed stainless steel heating chamber.
Glazed Stainless Steel Heating Chamber.

OLED Screen

Unlike CAP, this device allows you to activate the compounds in herbs and customize your high by controlling the temperature range 40℃ to 230℃. The haptic feedback will let you know when the unit is reached the temperature.




Magnetic Mouthpiece CAP

The no-stress magnetically detachable mouthpiece can be easily to be taken off for loading herbs and cleaning. The mouthpiece can also be disassembled for a more deep cleaning.

Zirconia Mouthpiece Path

Our specialized zirconia isolated air-path is designed to cool down vapor before it's inhaled. The isolated air-path ensures the cleanest flavor from your herbs.





Preset Temperatures 86°F - 446°F (40℃ - 230℃)
Sessions Per Charge 18-20 Sessions
Session Length 5 Minute Timer
Dimensions 105mm x 24mm x 45mm [4.13in x 0.94in x 1.77in]
Net Weight 90g
Battery Capacity (1) Internal 2000mAh Lithium Battery
Charging Time 1 Hour
Output voltage 3.7V
Flowermate Cross Product Dimensions

The Isolated air-path produces a pure and natural vapor experience with a surprisingly flavorful, consistent, and thick cloud.Isolated Air Vent.


What’s Included:

  • Cleaning Brush
  • USB Cable
  • Pack Tool
  • Stainless Steel Chamber Screen
  • Stainless Steel Mouthpiece Screen
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